NYC makeup artist shocks with 'crazy' beauty illusion

2022-08-13 02:33:52 By : Ms. Aileen AI

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Eye can’t believe her eyes.

A Big Apple cosmetics influencer is causing a big stir online, owing to her expert makeup tricks that create the optical illusion that her eyes are completely different shapes.

“Do you guys wanna see something super crazy?,” asks veteran beauty specialist Melanie, digitally known to her more than 51,000 TikTok followers as @Melbellles, in her trending video.

In the eye-popping post, which has more than 5.4 million views, Melanie — who’s purportedly worked as a makeup artist in New York and New Jersey for ten years — is seen covering her left eye with her hand while keeping her right eye visible.

Her right eye is decked out in false eyelashes, thick eyeliner on her lid and a light liner along the brim of the bottom lid. 

“We’ve always known this philosophy that your eyes appear bigger, obviously, when you have a thicker liner on the top, no wing and a highlight or lighter concealer color on the waterline,” she said.

“This is what they call a doe-eye,” Melanie continued of her widened and dazzling orb. “It makes the eye very big, very bright.”

The professional MUA then covered her right eye with her hand, and revealed the left one to have a sleeker cut and darker hue.

“This is what they used to call a fox eye. Now they call it siren eyes,” she explained, noting that she’d drawn her eyeliner and added a wing — an extension of the eyeliner that’s applied to the upper lid as a thin, diagonal line that stretches out past the corner of the eye towards the temple.

“So this makes the eye much smaller, much more elongated, almond shaped,” said Melanie. “What you do is put a wing very high up on the end, and then you leave a little gap in the middle and you [extend the liner past the inner corner of your eye] to make the eye appear much longer.”

She then uncovered both her eyes, allowing virtual viewers to get a side-by-side look at her two opposing peepers. 

“How crazy is the difference?” she asked, adding that she attached a half-lash, or a false eyelash strip that only covers the outer corner of the lid, to her left eye. On the right, she slapped on a full lash. “You can see the difference in the shape of my eyes.”

And beauty buffs were blown away by her face paint sorcery.  

“If the men find out we can shapeshift, they are going to tell the church!” teased one spooked commentator. 

“The difference is INSANE. Mind blown!,” penned another. And other equally stunned onlookers left surprised remarks like “Wow” and “I’m shook.”

But Melanie assured fans that everyone is capable of recreating her makeup magic.   

“Makeup is basically just an illusion,” she said. “You can change the shape of any part of your face with just makeup alone.”