Easy gift giving ideas for everyone (even the hard to buy for!) | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT

2022-08-20 01:01:23 By : Mr. Jeremy Chen

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Everyone loves receiving gifts - there's nothing better than someone you love finding that perfect present that demonstrates they know you well.

But it's not so great to receive gifts we don't like, want, or can't really use.

Gift giving is stressful for many people. Whether the person you're buying for is hard to please, has big-budget tastes, or simply isn't giving you any clues on what they want, gifting can feel like a challenge.

With the help of Australian Gourmet Gifts, we've compiled the perfect list of easy gift-giving ideas to help you get it right every time - no matter how ambiguous said gift receiver is!

Receiving a beautifully-arranged bouquet of flowers is always a winner. Depending on your budget, many florists also offer monthly subscription services where you can choose to have flowers delivered to your loved one for a set amount of time throughout the year.

And no rules say you can't go one step further with a vibrant potted plant. If you know the individual in question is a garden or plant lover, something like a lemon tree or olive tree in a beautiful pot makes for a unique and pleasing gift.

If the person you're buying for is anti more 'stuff', an experience voucher could be a wonderful way to show you understand their interests and allow them to create new happy memories on their special day.

Experience vouchers can be almost anything. From hotel stays to action days out (race car driving, hot air balloon rides, etc), spa treatments to nature experiences. Whatever their interests, there's bound to be an experience you can gift them that they'll love.

For the homebody, a magazine subscription could be an ideal gift option. Much like experience vouchers, there's a magazine for just about every personal hobby, passion and interest you can imagine.

Annual magazine subscriptions are usually pretty inexpensive, come with gift package options, and many offer additional gifts when you take out a subscription, as a thank you.

Even better? If they love it, you can simply renew their subscription year on year for them, removing the pressure of finding something new every birthday or Christmas.

Whether you want to get them dinner on you at their favourite restaurant or wow them with a new dining experience at the latest 5-star venue, a dinner voucher is a perfect option for the socialite foodie in your life.

If you're unsure about this one, there are plenty of resources to help. Award-winning restaurants are always a good bet, like our list of Australian Good Food Guide's Chef Hat Award winners right here in Canberra.

Nothing says luxury gift giving like a carefully-curated gourmet food hamper - you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn't love a basket of high-quality, delicious treats to tuck into.

Gourmet food hampers are a superb option as they offer versatility, the opportunity to add wine and beverages, and you can tailor them to suit your budget. They're also perfect for just about any occasion-anniversaries, birthdays, and, yes, even Christmas.

Spending quality time together over Christmas has been challenging in recent years, and for many, spending the holidays together is still a big question mark. Gift hampers are a great way to stay connected through excellent food and share something special this holiday season.

Australian Gourmet Gifts has a dedicated selection to suit every taste bud and budget, and it's worth getting in your orders early so that you - and your loved ones - won't be disappointed.

Head to Australian Gourmet Gifts and explore their full range of luxury hampers here.