Savor the Soul of Sicily at ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA

2022-08-20 00:57:48 By : Ms. Ana Lin

Set on a restful plateau overlooking the turquoise blue Mediterranean sits the newly opened and much talked about ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA.

Designed and built to work in harmony with nature and the surrounding environment, a deep-rooted respect for the location can be sensed in all areas of the resort. Here, guests can experience a profound link between the ancient land, the changing of seasons and a healthy lifestyle. While this connection is captured throughout the resort, it is in the central Seaview restaurant where all these aspects come together in perfect alchemy.

An expansive and elegant dining area with a definite wow-factor, the Seaview restaurant seamlessly melds with the landscaped gardens beyond, where floor to ceiling sliding windows draw back to align both interior and exterior. The restaurant enjoys far-reaching views over chalky-white cliffs and endless pale sand beaches of the coastline below. Adding to the tranquil atmosphere are linear rivers of gently flowing water which are subtly illuminated at night by floating lanterns.

A theatre-style open kitchen connects guests with chef Guiseppe Schimmenti and his team who produce mouth-watering interpretations of classic Sicilian dishes where local ingredients take centre stage. Menus have been devised to honour the unique location and celebrate classic Sicilian dishes which are served with a sleek touch of contemporary flair.

Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible with the freshest pecorino and ricotta cheeses provided by neighbouring sheep farm Azienda Agricola Todaro, whose sheep lazily graze the organic pastures of the Torre Salsa nature reserve. Vegetables are grown in the kitchen gardens and brought in by local farmers from the mountains behind the resort. Each ingredient has its own flavour or delicate perfume, for example in the restaurant’s caprese salad a combination of fresh organic tomatoes are used. Pachino tomatoes chosen for their sweetness, while Kamarina tomatoes offer a more saline taste as they grow closer to the sea.

Each day and dawn wild herbs such as mint, thyme and fennel are gathered from the countryside and the freshest fruits arrive by the basket load from nearby orchards. Chef Guiseppe explains the importance of food heritage “I have personally chosen our suppliers one by one, picking from small local businesses and farms to make sure that all the ingredients are local, fresh and authentic. In my search, I visited the source of the original slow food movement and selected the very best produce for our kitchen. For example, raw wild honey from the Sicilian black bee, pork from the Nebrodi piglet, milk from the renowned Girgentana goat, Villalba lentils as well as ancient Sicilian grains such as Perciasacchi, which we use for our fresh homemade pasta."

Seaview Restaurant - must try dishes include: • OCTOPUS - With potato, hummus, and lemon • PACCHERI PASTA - With fresh anchovies, tomatoes, mussels, and clams • BRANZINO - With seasonal vegetables, yellow pepper oil and yuzu • CANNOLI - Filled with fresh ricotta cheese and almond granita

Guiseppe’s Sicilian roots have allowed him to draw on a wealth of hands-on experience working in restaurants in nearby Trapani and his knowledge of traditional ingredients is remarkable. At the new ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA, he presents dishes filled with Sicilian soul yet transformed into fresh contemporary cuisine. His style of healthy yet flavoursome seasonal cooking beautifully communicates the ADLER philosophy that wellness truly comes from within.

For those looking to feed the mind body and soul then look no further than the inspiring new gastronomic destination that is, ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA. ADLER Spa Resort SICILIA Contrada Salsa 92010 Siculiana (Agrigento) +39 0471 1551607