The Bath & Body Works Scent You Should Buy If You're A Gemini

2022-06-25 01:12:46 By : Mr. Ouliya Hardware

There's never a dull moment with you around, Gemini. You're an ambitious air sign symbolized by the twins and ruled by Mercury, but here on Earth, you make the rules. Co-Star breaks it down for us: Geminis are headstrong, independent go-getters who know a little bit about everything, making them the perfect leaders. But there's a soft side to you too, Gemini. Just like the celestial twins, you are constantly moving and changing and you desire a companion with you wherever you go. Geminis are naturally social creatures and like to show love. 

You get a bad rep, however, because you tend to have some weird traits, like being a little too impulsive — and you have to admit you're pretty headstrong about your opinions. Although, it's not your fault if people can't keep up with you. You're not "two-faced," you're just great at what you do. You express your emotions best when you can speak them out loud, usually accompanied by wild hand gestures. (Which, according to Allure, is the body part associated with Gemini). But once in a while, Gemini should take some time to slow down and remember that you're doing a great job. You deserve a treat, Gemini, that will keep you feeling and smelling great wherever the wind takes you. Luckily, we have the perfect Bath and Body Works scent for you, because even busy Geminis deserve some self-care. 

According to Co-Star, the best careers for Gemini include being a "likable politician," an accomplished actor who "plays a quirky side character," a "professional devil's advocate," a "bubble gum wrapper joke writer," or even the next viral "Twitter personality." Your creativity is electric, so it's only natural that you turn that into your perfect career. You're in good company amongst the rich and famous, air sign. What do Stevie Nicks, Kanye West, and Johnny Depp all have in common? Well, they are all creative, outspoken artists that are good at what they do. Oh, and they're all Geminis. 

So, you're looking for your perfect Bath and Body Works scent? Leave it to a Gemini to rely on the stars for such decisions. Whether you're spearheading the next big project at work, starting the latest TikTok trend, or deciding which one of your contacts is going to be this week's fling, this scent has got you covered. You deserve a signature fragrance that represents your bubbly Gemini personality, but is still subtle enough to keep people guessing. 

According to PopSugar, the perfect Bath and Body Works scent to keep up with your playful and curious nature is Sweet Pea. According to the Bath and Body Works website, it smells like a "young-at-heart blend of sweet pea, watery pear & luscious raspberry." The smell of blossoms and fresh fruit on a breezy day? Perfect for you, air sign. Naturally, the social butterfly who can have a conversation with just about anyone needs to smell like a bunch of flowers.

You draw people in with your charismatic attitude and quick wit, and now you have the products to match. Sweet Pea was launched by Bath and Body Works in 2007 and has stayed a fan favorite with a 4.8-star rating (via Fragrantica). You may not stick around in one place for too long, Gemini (totally understandable, you need to keep things interesting) but Sweet Pea is the reliable scent you need to stay grounded and smell fresh. This scent captures your outgoing energy and keeps you smelling good through every change of your mood.